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Our Service

End to end service...

We provide an end to end service from Camera card to rushes ready to Edit. 

All original Camera files are backed up, checksummed and secured on the day, every day.

- Mobile lab with Operator deployed to location 

- Camera original material backed up in duplicate or triplicate, all check summed, fully secure

- Mobile lab designed for all camera formats, all codecs and all resolutions

- Camera rushes transcoded for Editorial with LUT and sound synced

- Files for Editorial and all metadata uploaded to the Cloud continuously throughout the shoot day

- levL™ software application runs at the Edit system and automates the download and ingest of rushes directly into the Avid Media Composer databases.  The end user experience (Editor) is the DNxHD rushes simply appear in a bin throughout the day, with a single button press

We service feature films, scripted dramas and commercials



Fully automated, fully encrypted, fully secure

levL™ software (Location to Edit Virtual Link)

The levL™ software application was designed and developed by Cirrus Media.  This unique computer application automates the download and ingest of the synced DNxHD rushes directly into the databases of an Avid Media Composer. The files that have been fully encrypted at the creation stage are also decrypted by levL™ ready for use.  levL™ can be run on multiple edit machines, all simultaneously downloading the same material, or restricted to only receive certain material, as per production requests.  Every individual instance of levL™ that is running requires its own unique User id and key, ensuring all rushes are tracked securely.

  • I was looking at synced rushes in my Avid bin within two hours of camera capture 250kms away, with a single button press
    - Derek Holland, Editor
  • This is a game changer for me assembling rushes
  • Peter and Richard in Cirrus Media delivered a flawless system...This is clearly the way forward
    - Andrew Freedman, Producer